Hello everyone and thank you for visiting Brazen Brunette! I am a 27 year old New York native who recently relocated to Florida with my pup Oliver.  I have always loved all things makeup and beauty and growing up friends and family would always come to me asking for recommendations and advice feeling overwhelmed by the cosmetic industry. Through self-training and a lot of trial and error (Hello crimper, not a good look on anyone) I can say I have come a long way and would love to share my knowledge and opinions on products with you guys. I graduated last year from Syracuse University with my masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and work as a substance abuse counselor by day.  In my free time I work on Brazen Brunette and love to blog about my favorite beauty products with the occasional post on fashion, food, and decorating. Please comment and/or message me and I hope you enjoy reading brazenbrunette.com! 

The dog/child Oliver

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