Monday, March 14, 2016


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So if you tuned in at the beginning of last month I was quite the ambitious lass and cut out all the junk from my diet.  (You can check out that original post HERE.)  Let’s review what I signed myself up for…

For the next 30 days I will consume:
-No Alcohol
-No Caffeine
-No Animal Products
-No preservatives (My golden rule is the product needs to have five ingredients or less.)
-Organic Produce Only
-A green smoothie every morning for breakfast

And I made it!  I’m here on the flip side of thirty days and feeling great.  I have cooked more than I have ever cooked in my life, tried out oodles of new recipes, and am feeling very zen.  Ahhhhhh….  My new eating habits didn’t cost me anymore and in fact I saved money since the bulk of my diet was fresh produce.  Despite all the positive benefits one thing I was surprised about was that I didn’t lose any weight!  Not that I had much weight to lose, but still I thought I would drop at least 5 lbs and look like Gigi Hadid VS show ready. (Maybe my expectations were a little high, but a girl can dream.)  Nevertheless I thought I would share the most prominent seven changes I noticed from cutting junk, alcohol, and caffeine out of my diet.  So keep reading to see if this lifestyle may be for you…
  • You will go out with your friends and everyone will think you’re weird.  DD for life!  Drinking is a very social thing, thus when you go out socially and everyone is getting hammered you will hear the classic, “You’re boring, have some fun!”, “But really, why are you not drinking?” and “Oh you’re driving my drunken ass home?? Ok you’re cool.”
  • You will save oodles of cash money.  Those lattes aren’t cheap and the extra $15 I was saving on my grocery bill each week sans my bottle of pinot noir was a welcome surprise.
  • Your digestive system will love you.  Not to get all TMI here, but let me tell you it was smooth sailing in the brazen brunette digestive arena.  If you suffer from IBS, constipation, really any stomach aliment at all, then cutting out the acidity that comes from alcohol and coffee will make a world of difference.
  • Your blood sugar levels will stabilize.  Without the acidity from alcohol and caffeine pumping through your body your ph balance will become more stabilized and in turn your blood sugar.  If you have experienced a blood sugar crash it’s not fun, feeling balanced throughout the day is definitely preferable.
  • You get off the roller coaster.  Ok, so you know how you wake up feeling like a creature from the deep, then you get your first cup of joe in you and the skies open and you see unicorns and petunias…then let’s fast forward to the afternoon when we begin to crash pondering “How can I go on?????” and treat ourselves to a $5 latte...then we get home and after dinner guess what time it is? oh yeah pop that pinot.  And as we all know alcohol is a depressant and the smooth liquid coddles us off to sleep dreaming of our cup of coffee we’ll have the next morning.  Yeah not the best.  Hence if you cut out alcohol and coffee from your diet you just feel pretty good all the time.  It takes some time for your body to recalibrate itself, but after a few weeks the mood swings and energy dips are gone.
  • You realize this “need” to have coffee and alcohol on the reg is pretty much just psychological.  Your body does not need alcohol and caffeine to function.  Even though it can feel like it really really really does.  Before I started this cleanse I had not gone a day without coffee in five years.  FIVE YEARS PEOPLE.  I really thought I was going to die, I’m not kidding.  I asked a friend if I should consult a medical professional before embarking on a lifestyle sans caffeine, to which she laughed and informed me I would in fact not die.
  • If you are an anxious person you’re anxiety will go way down.  So I have this medical condition called neurocardiogenic syncope which basically means there is a messenger missing in my brain that controls how my heart works and sometimes I pass out.  It’s a blast, let me tell ya.  And the things that can aggravate it are dehydration, standing for long periods of time, low blood sugar, and anxiety.  But long story short I have felt as calm as Buddha this month and these lifestyle changes have definitely helped with my neurocardiogenic syncope symptoms.  Removing caffeine and alcohol from my diet has greatly decreased my anxiety levels and if you are someone who suffers from anxiety I would highly consider cutting back on the alcohol and caffeine. 

Now that my month is over I have pondered what I’m going to stick with and what was too stringent for my lifestyle.   Overall I have enjoyed the positive benefits of removing caffeine and alcohol from my lifestyle, but homegirl has to get her party on every once in awhile.  I think a good compromise for me would be to stick to caffeine free tea during the week and treat myself to coffee and drinks with the girls on the weekend.  I also enjoyed my daily green smoothie, but it was a pain in the butt to make every day and I’m not sure if this is something I would stick with moving forward as I feel I get so much produce in my daily diet as it is.  And while I love consuming a 100% vegan diet sometimes a girls gotta cheat and I will allow myself the occasional sushi roll or organic egg from time to time.  So all in all I am so happy I challenged myself this past month and was successful in something that at the beginning really sounded impossible to me.  Have you ever done a cleanse similar to this?  What are your tips for a healthy lifestyle?  Please share in the comments below!

xoxo Nicole

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  1. Welcome back, BB. Your long awaited post did not disappoint. Glad you are owning up to that sushi. I would hate for your followers to think you were full of carp.

    Xoxo gossip girl