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My name is Nicole and I admit I am a NARS Lip Pencil addict.  They say the first step to addressing any problem is acceptance, am I right?  My love for the NARS lip pencils knows no bounds and I thought what better time than today, Valentine's Day, to share my top 5 favorite shades from the line.  If you have a hot date you can stick with a creamy nude to cut back on the inevitable smooch smudge, or if spending the day with friends why not rock a fun statement lip. 

I have been collecting the NARS Lip Pencils for a couple years now and my five favorite shades are below.  These lip pencils come in three different formulas; velvet gloss, velvet matte, and satin, and retail for $26 a piece.  The velvet matte are the most drying, so I can’t recommend enough the importance of exfoliating your lips and smacking on some balm before applying.  Nevertheless their staying power is transcendent and my two favorites are Damned (a deep berry perfect for fall) and Cruella (a blue toned red that looks beautiful with minimal makeup and pale skin in winter months.)   Next up is my favorite formula of the three, satin.  These satin lip pencils are probably my most favorite lip product of all time.  (And you would understand the gravity of that statement if you saw my hoarders-esque lip stash.)  They apply like a dream, have amazing staying power, and don't zap your pout of moisture.  I have two in the satin version, Luxembourg (a gorgeous watermelon shade, somewhere between a pink and a red and I'm always getting compliments on this one!) and Rikugien (A NARS cult favorite, this creamy rose nude shade is super wearable.)  And last, but not least we have the Velvet Gloss category.  These are the sheerest of the bunch with the shortest wear time, but don't go overlooking them just yet.  The shade New Lover is all kinds of rose gold fabulous (definitely a go-to summer shade for me) and these gloss pencils are so low maintenance and easy to apply.

popular best selling nars lip pencils swatches

These pencils have a phenomenal shade range.  Between the three varieties I believe there are 38 different colors to choose from.  And although I only have five, don’t think I don’t swoon every time I pass the NARS display chanting to myself I am a financially responsible woman who will not spend her emergency fund on lip pencils.  The shades I have my eye on that will hopefully be joining my collection soon are Never Say Never, Happy Days, and Timanfaya.  My favorite thing about these pencils is their ease in application.  I don’t need a lip liner and they just apply perfectly every time providing a polished look with banging pigmentation.  

Have you tried the NARS lip pencils?  If so, what’s your favorite formula?  And if you are new to this whole arena hit up your local Sephora counter and try a couple shades.  Finding the right one is kind of like dating around to find the perfect mate. (see what I did there?  It's all coming together in the name of love people.)

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and pucker up with someone special, hopefully wearing one of these lip pencils!  Thanks so much for stopping by and love you all <3

Life is too short to wear bad lipstick. *drops mic, wears nothing but NARS lip pencils till Valentine’s Day next year*
xoxo Nicole


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