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amazing vegan recipes
Picture via Minimalist Baker

Ever since switching to a mostly plant-based diet five years ago it has been tough at times to find delicious vegan recipes.  It can be difficult at first to transition your whole way of eating…navigating the bevy of meat and dairy substitutions, trying to find recipes that are easy and simple to make, and locating recipes that aren’t filled with preservatives and junk.  Believe or not some vegan food can actually be unhealthy!  So through five years of trial and tribulation I bring you my top 10 sources for wonderful vegan recipes. Get excited to have more energy, acquire clear & glowing skin, and lose weight easily; all benefits of incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet. After checking out the selections below you will be running to your grocery store bursting with vegan recipe inspiration!

best healthy food vegan blogs


Cookie & KateKate and her delicious recipes can do no wrong.  I seriously have yet to make anything from her site that I didn’t love! The photographer and cook based in Kansas City features vegetarian recipes highlighting whole foods. 

Oh She GlowsOh She Glows was the first vegan blog I found as I embarked on my plant-based journey.  And let me tell you, it was love at first bite.  Angela Liddon started Oh She Glows in 2008 when she was amidst recovering from an eating disorder and wanted to share her journey to health and the amazing transformation food had in her life. I have loved being a loyal reader of her blog for years and following Angela along in her successes and now accompanying best-selling cookbook.  Her indulgent recipes are to die for!!

Minimalist BakerOk, talk about food porn…Dana Shultz has some of best food photography I’ve ever seen.  I just drool reading her blog posts.  Her simplistic approach to plant-based eating is presented in her easy to make recipes all featuring 10 ingredients or less and prepared in 30 minutes.  You will be transitioning to veganism pronto after scrolling through her pages.

Love & LemonsAdore this blog for featuring vegetarian recipes that are sure to impress a dinner party.  (I used a couple of Jeanine’s recipes for my annual cookie party last Christmas and even the carnivores were impressed.)  This Austin based blog started in 2011 and with such overwhelming success they’re launching their Love & Lemons cookbook this March!   

best vegan cookbooks


The Kind DietThis book holds such a special place in my heart.  It was the first book I read when I was thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet and Alicia Silverstone’s relatable and easy to read thoughts on living a plant-based lifestyle drew me in.  Not to mention how delicious her recipes are in this book!  Any time anyone questions me about my vegan diet or expresses interest in eating more meat free dishes I direct them straight to this text. 

Moosewood Restaurant FavoritesThe infamous Moosewood restaurant based in Ithaca, NY is only an hour away from my hometown and trust it lives up to it’s reputation.  This comprehensive tome on farm to table eating features 250 easy to make and delicious recipes that are staples at the thriving restaurant.  This is a great comprehensive cookbook for anyone looking to eat healthier and features a lot of education on basic culinary techniques.

If It Makes You HealthySo you may be thinking a cookbook by Sheryl Crow?!?  But hear me out on this one…although this cookbook features recipes for all diet types there are so many vegan standouts that it’s definitely worth a read.  The rockstar pairs up with her personal chef Chuck White in this one and shares the changes she made in her diet and lifestyle after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  There are so many delicious finds in here (the vegan chili is amazing!!) and the book focuses on using seasonally fresh produce.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The WorldYou need this cookbook in your life.  Like yesterday.  If you are looking to expand your baking repertoire to delights sans animal products you will love this, probably just as much as the over 500 five star reviews it has warranted on Amazon.  Featuring over 50 mouthwatering cupcake recipes this cookbook is easy to follow and the recipes include ingredients you will already have on hand.  There is nothing worse that trying to make a vegan recipe and have it splattered with hard to find ingredients!

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Women’s HealthI know most people skim through magazines and never try out the recipes (I used to be one of these people) but you could be missing out on some amazing finds!  I am a loyal subscriber of Women’s Health and have found so many amazing vegan recipes in it’s pages. With a mission statement of helping women to improve their lives and achieve health I am eternally grateful for my favorite Thai basil curry recipe I found nestled inside.

VegNewsWhat can probably be called the mecca of vegan monthly publications, if you are serious about this whole plant-based thing than VegNews will be your jam.  Featuring thought provoking articles, organic beauty reviews, eco-friendly travel, and most importantly savory recipes.  Each month is jam packed with vegan recipes, many of which have become staples in my cooking repertoire.

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