Sunday, February 7, 2016


February blog links favorites
Is everyone excited for the Super Bowl tonight?  Confession: I am not a big sports fan.  So while everyone is consuming dips galore I will be watching Gossip Girl on Netflix, drinking peppermint tea, and tuning it at halftime only to watch Coldplay and Beyonce kill it.  Have you guys seen the video for her new single "Formation?  What do you think?!  Ok, so back to today's post...these link posts are some of my favorite to write because I love compiling all of my favorite findings around the internet.  I feel like I take in so much information everyday from all the products I try and blogs I read that I can't wait to share what stood out with all of you this month.  Hope you enjoy and had a fabulous weekend!

Links I've been loving:
  • This article, tackling the question of why generation Y yuppies are unhappy was a favorite read this month.  I thought it was so well done (loved the infographics) and it just explained so well the difference between our generation and our parents.  I have sent this to so many people and everyone has loved it. 
  • With my month of clean eating underway I was thinking of extending that non-toxic philosophy to some of my beauty products.  Dying to make this Chai Sugar Scrub from blog Gimme Some Oven, I bet it smells amazing!
  • We could all use some help in the productivity department.  Social media is distracting when trying to get work done, am I right?  This article offered so many great tips that sound easy to implement.
  • Was introduced to artist Ruth B through Mimi Ikonn's blog, gave her a listen, and oh wow guys she's amazing.  Check out her video for her single "Superficial Love."
  • Has wanderlust set in?  Check out this article from the NY Times featuring the top 52 Places to Go in 2016
  • Beauty babes the wait is over, Sephora is finally stocking the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks.  We should make cupcakes. 
  • A very refreshing read on how networking has changed in recent years, and why we should all stop asking people to coffee.  I have so been guilty of this!
  • How cute are these new Ivanka Trump heels?  I want a pair in every color.

Products I've been loving:
  • The hunt is over, I have finally found the perfect purple nail polish for spring.  This quest was not without sweat, tears, and many trips to Ulta.  But OPI Purple Palazzo Pants is the perfect pastel purple that still has some edge with a slight grey undertone.
  • There I was traipsing about life with smudged screens, not knowing the easy solution was in a pack Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towlettes.  These lifesavers are only $6 and clean my personal tech devices to perfection.
  • Ok, so I know everyone was ready to sell their first born child for a bottle of the infamous Luna Sleep Night Oil by Sunday Riley last season, but have you tried Juno?  A couple weeks ago I got a sample from the brand rep when I was in Sephora and have been loving it.  The hydroactive cellular face oil is packed full of antioxidants and has been doing wonders for my skin.  Would highly recommend. 
  • Guys, my obsession with Jo Malone has gotten out of control.  I bought Dark Amber & Ginger Lily last year (love) and was recently gifted a bunch of samples from the brand when I made a beauty purchase in Nordstrom.  Omg do any of their scents not smell amazing?!  My standout from the ones I've tried has to be Blackberry & Bay though.  I would bathe in this fragrance if I could. 
  • And last, but not least is this adorable Queen Bee Notebook.  My Gossip Girl obsession may be infiltrating to all aspects of my life, but this journal is so Blair Waldorf.

xoxo Nicole


  1. You should have signed it as xoxo gossip girl

  2. You should have signed it as xoxo gossip girl

  3. I'm not a big fan either! lol! love all your picks! especially the ivanka's