Tuesday, December 1, 2015


november blog favorites

So sadly cyber Monday is over (sheds a silent tear), but I hope you all snagged some amazing deals and your bank accounts survived.  I got a great head start on some Christmas gifts and scored an amazing deal on a black parka I found at the J.Crew Factory store for 70% off.  And it was the last one in my size.  Was it kismet?  I think so.  But enough about my shopping forays...today I bring to you some of my favorite links I've been loving lately.  A couple products, articles, and an amazing seasonal album to feast your ears on.  I hope you enjoy my recent faves and please leave me a comment below letting me know if you snagged any great deals over the weekend and any links you've been loving!  I would love to check them out!!
  • Company is Coming - This video is making it's way around Facebook and Youtube and is not only hysterical but very fitting with the holiday season upon us.  (Mom, this is you.)
  • Do You Have Dairy Face? - An interesting article by Elle UK about how the food we eat directly impacts the look of our skin.  The skincare specialist they consulted for the article states she can tell what sort of foods a person is eating the second they walk into her clinic by looking at how their skin is aging.  Scary stuff.
  • Rag & Bone Faye Cloche Hat - Ok, I know you are probably sick of hearing me talk about this hat, but my love knows no bounds and it's on sale!  Granted this was an investment purchase, but it fits my small head perfectly and pairs well with so many outfits.  If you are looking for a wool hat this winter season I can't recommend this Rag & Bone offering enough!
  • Michael Buble's Christmas Album - The quintessential Christmas album.  Buble's vocal offerings can do wrong and his rendition of Santa Baby from a male's perspective gets me every time.  This album with be on repeat in my apartment until Christmas.  Take a listen...

  • Covering the Bases E-Gift Guide - I have been loving the e-gift guides bloggers have been putting together this season.  And they're hard work and commitment to this passion is not lost on me!  One of my favorites is Krista Robertson's e-gift guide she recently featured on her blog Covering the Bases.  Her photography is stunning and she offers so many great gift options.  You go Krista!
  • Screw Finding Your Passion - I loved everything about this article.  Mark Manson takes an honest look at this idea of "finding our passion" and the struggle between meeting internal and external expectations.  This is great read especially for us millennials out there.  
  • Bravo Announces Two New Real Housewives Series - Can't believe the next two cities they picked!  As the show continues to grow I wonder will they eventually come to Tampa??  Granted I'm single and live in an apartment with a roommate and my dog, but I sense things are on the upswing for me.  Bravo, you know how to reach me.
  • NARS Nail Polish in Zakythnos - This gorgeous beige color has been on my nails for a week with no chipping.  (And that was through preparing a full-on Thanksgiving vegan feast.)  This formula is no joke people.  NARS offers 22 gorgeous toxic free varnish colors in the range and 'Zakythnos' is the quintessential fall neutral every girl needs. 
  • Why Do We Romanticize Stress? - This article by The Everygirl blog did a great job of addressing the big elephant in the room.  We as millennials are working ourselves into the ground and if we're not working 60 hours a week, running on no sleep, and constantly have a coffee in our hand then we're doing something wrong.  Loved reading this different perspective and it definitely got me thinking about some of my own unhealthy and potentially damaging work habits.
  • Happier Podcast - I am hooked on this whole podcast thing.  It first started with Serial and now I can't get enough.  My recent favorite has been Happier by Gretchen Rubin (Famous author of The Happier Project) and her sister Elizabeth Craft (a TV writer & producer living in LA).  Each week the sisters answer listener questions and provide helpful tips and tricks for living healthier and happier lives.  I have gotten so much great info from this podcast, definitely worth a listen!

xoxo Nicole

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