Thursday, November 19, 2015


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So by the title you may be posing the question what is Fatsgiving?  Well my lovelies Fatsgiving is an endearing term for the holiday we all know and love as Thanksgiving.   Let’s just call a spade a spade shall we…the day is spent sitting on our arses watching parades, holiday movies, and mingling with friends and family while we gorge ourselves on culinary delights.  Hence where the name Fatsgiving comes in.  Now let’s be straight, there’s no shame in the game…we all deserve to  treat ourselves once in awhile, am I right??  So the key here is comfort.  Bloating and adjustable waist bands impeding these three outfits meet at the intersection of comfort and style making them ideal for our annual fest.  I’m talking flowy, billowy, and possessing a somewhat wizard like quality to camouflage any damage we do throughout the day when we’re on our third slice of pecan pie.

The first outfit I put together is a cozy gold lame jogger pant from J.Crew (on sale for $25 I might add!!), with a tie string waist band and this flowly black sweater from Madewell.  To top it off I chose this gorgeous pendant necklace from Kendra Scott, sure to detract everyones eyes when you’re smuggling a dinner roll into the pocket of your jogger pant.

Next is this gorgeous grey turtleneck swing dress from Nordstrom coupled with a comfortable faux fur vest from TopShop and this beloved Rag & Bone Hat from Shopbop.  (If you have a small head like mine, this hat is worth the investment!  I absolutely love it and it fits so well!!)  I don’t know who invented swing dresses, but I would like to give them a big kiss.  Do I have Gisele Bundchen’s body or am I five months pregnant?  You will never know, the swing dress conceals all…

And lastly we’re rocking one of my all time favorite looks, the leather legging.  Let me tell ya, the lengths I went to snag a pair of these SPANX Ready to Wow Faux Leather Leggings was no easy feat!  They sell like hot cakes this time of year so order soon before they sell out.  These leggings suck everything in making you look marvelous and they’re comfortable to boot.  Paired with this flowy roll tab tunic from LUSH (size down, these tunics run large) and this gorgeous statement necklace from Ily Couture you have a comfortable, but stylish look for the holidays. 

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving this year?  I would love to know in the comments below!  This year I was unable to get off work and fly home to New York, but my amazing friend will be coming down to Tampa to spend the holiday with me.  We are also both vegetarian/vegan so I can’t wait to execute the vegan menu we have put together...I love to cook.  It's crazy to think thanksgiving is already next week.  NEXT WEEK PEOPLE!!  (Runs to grocery store and stocks up on lentils and rosé.)  I hope you enjoyed this fashion guide to Fatsgiving and remember have that slice of pie and stay cozy ladies. 

xoxo Nicole

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