Wednesday, October 7, 2015


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I guess the old adage is true…time really does fly when you’re having fun.  I can’t believe I have been typing away at this blog for a year now.  Brazen Brunette has been such a creative outlet for me and was something I could throw my time, energy, and soul into when I was feeling lost.  As I have said in many posts before this past year has come with lots of changes and this blog has served as my “happy place” away from all the stress.  A year of blogging has taught me so much about the blogging world and also about myself.  First and foremost, this past year has taught me that blogging is hard work.  From taking and editing pictures, to proofreading text for posts, and promoting yourself on social media, blogging is no joke and I have so much respect for the other blogger gals out there.  I can easily see how so many people do this full-time.  Secondly, blogging has encouraged me to spend lots and lots and lots of money.  Not that I wouldn’t get on with my bad self in Sephora anyways, but so many times I see a fashion item or hear about a new beauty product launching and think, “Ooh that would be great to review for the blog!”  I need to work on curbing this kind of thinking and in the coming year have set a goal for myself to limit the splurges and focus on creating content with what I already have.  Lastly this blog has left me loving the blogging community and beauty in general.  I have realized that I never get sick of reading other people’s blogs, beauty reviews, and watching YouTube videos.  Maybe I went into the wrong profession??  I just love beauty and skincare so much and everything that goes with it and am constantly trying to educate myself to bring the latest and greatest to you guys in the beauty arena.  Also, the blogging community is the  The online friends I have made through this blog and reading peoples sweet comments is invariably rewarding and brightens my day.  I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Brazen Brunette and thank you so much for following along on this journey!

P.S.S. Blog content will be pretty light the next two weeks because I will be in Ireland!  What, what!!  My family has been planning this trip for ages and I seriously can’t wait.  I’m actually flying out this afternoon.  Make sure you’re following along on Instagram (@brazenbrunette) as I will be posting there regularly!

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