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Real Techniques Sculpting Brush packaging
Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

As I get ready in the morning the number of brushes it takes to spackle the ol' makeup on seems to continually grow.  One for foundation, one for powder, now that one is only good for cream blush, and where is that liquid highlighter applicator?? It's madness and my vanity looks like a backstage peek of NYFW by the time I'm done.  So I began to wonder is there another way?  Is there a brush out there that could do it all?  During my last trip to Ulta Beauty, meandering through the offerings of cosmetic lore,  I saw the Real Techniques display glowing under the fluorescent lights in the distance  and calling my name.  As I perused through the affordable and high quality brushes in the range my eye caught on the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush.  Could it be?  Could this multi-tasking wonder be the answer to my dreams?  As I  threw the last sculpting brush into my basket along with the other 15 items (cough, my budgeting starts next week) I selected I quickly checked out and hoped for the best.  It was kismet...

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
Real Techniques Nic Sam

The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush features a wide angled brush head consisting of synthetic teklon bristles that are densely packed but feel soft on the skin.   The brush is dense enough to blend out any harsh lines, but still soft enough to apply finely milled powders. This applicator can be used with cream, liquid, and powder products and is especially skillful at highlighting and contouring the face.  The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush retails for $9.99 and can be purchased at Ulta Beauty, most drugstores, and of course at  This brush is also featured in Real Techniques Sculpting Set which includes a fan and setting brush in addition to the sculpting brush featured here.  I have washed this brush a couple of times and it has held up well to cleansing with no shedding.    I adore the multi-tasking qualities of this brush and it has replaced so many extra steps and ancillary tools in my routine.  I will use this brush in the morning to buff on my liquid foundation (Loving the It Cosmetics CC Cream!) and blend out my concealer.  I will also use it to apply my Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer, cream blush, and a touch of powder highlighter on my cheekbones for a finishing touch.  It seriously feels like my morning makeup routine breezes by with only using one tool for  all these steps.  If you’ve been looking for a multi-tasking makeup brush I can’t recommend this enough.  If I had to pick one area in which this brush really shined it would be have to be in the application of cream bronzer.  This brush and cream bronzer are a match made in heaven.  The applicator does a great job of picking up product without absorbing it and the tapered edge is perfect for getting under cheekbones and contouring the nose while still blending beautifully when bent on its side. 

It was destiny for me to meet the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush in Ulta that day.  We are oh so happy together.  I hope you guys enjoyed this brief review and are having a wonderful week!  Have you tried the Real Techniques Sculpting brush?  What is your favorite brush from the U.K. range?

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