Friday, July 17, 2015


MAC Haul

Oh MAC Cosmetics, how I love you so.  MAC is an amazing brand that offers such a wide range of unique and high quality products.  Hence how this haul happened.  I have always been a huge fan of MAC lipsticks and lipliners, but know they offer so much more and wanted to get myself out there and try some new things.  Almost all of the products I picked up in this haul were items I have heard raved about again and again in the beauty community and MAC in general is one of the most talked about brands on YouTube and in the blogging community.  Well on my mission to find out what else MAC has to offer I ordered five items and am excited to share my first impressions with you today.  Keep reading to find out what I scooped up!

I feel like a MAC haul wouldn't be complete with a bottle of Prep + Prime Fix +  ($10, 1.0oz).  I know this will be a beauty sin to admit, but.... I have never used fix plus.  What???  I know, I don't know what I have been doing with my life.  I am so excited to get my hands on this and explore all the different ways I can use it.    Some multitasking properties this "lightweight water mist" claims to embody include: face primer, a makeup setting spray said to diffuse that powdery look when you finish your makeup, and perfect for spraying on eyeshadow brushes before applying product to intensify color payoff.  Stay tuned, I'll report back on how multitasking this wonder really is.  (And if you know any other uses let me know in the comments below!)  

MAC Haul
MAC 217 Blending Brush

Next I picked up a mini Blue Brown Pigment ($10, 0.09oz).  I had seen this used in so many makeup tutorials and it always looked so gorgeous and unique with it's duo chrome finish.  I like this, and the color is stunning, but I think I'm really going to have to play a round with it some more to make it work.  This is definitely not an every day color and looks best built up with lots of other shadows and blending.  Perfect for a night out on the town, not so much for heading to the office.  

So onto a product that definitely lived up to the hype around happy I finally invested in a 217 Blending Brush ($24).  This is a great quality brush and what I love is that it does a great job of packing on color, but also blends seamlessly.  It's sometimes hard to find an eye brush that does both well.  Love it, you need it, end of story.  

MAC blush rosy outlook

Moving onto a bit of a disappointment is the Cream Colour Base in Hush  ($21, 0.12oz).  I purchased this cream highlighter after seeing it in Tanya Burr's YouTube videos and had such high hopes for the "soft peach with icy shimmer" hue.  Now the color is stunning don't get me wrong, but this blended horribly on the skin and was very patchy.  I think it looks beautiful on the skin once blended in, see the picture below, but it took way too much time and effort to get it there.  Not worth it in my book, there's cream highlighters out there that blend like a dream (BECCA I'm looking at you!) and I plan on returning this. 

Last, but not least is the delightful Pro Longwear Blush in Rosy Outlook ($26 0.2oz).  I adore MAC's blushes and this light yellow/pink semi-matte formula is everything I could ask for in a blush.  It blends beautifully, it's pigmented without being too pigmented and producing clown face, and it's such a flattering and easy to wear shade.  I adore this and have been getting a lot more into matte blushes lately because I love how they pair with a bold cheekbone highlight.  

MAC cream colour base hush

And that is all I picked up from MAC for this haul, hey four out of five ain't bad right??  I would have to say my favorites from the bunch are the 217 blending brush and the pro long wear blush in rosy outlook.  I will have to play with the pigment and Prep + Prime Fix + some more before I reach my final verdict on those.  What are your favorite products from MAC?  I can't wait to try some more and expand my MAC collection.  Next on my list is MAC's blush in Margin, Groundwork paint pot, and Coppering eyeshadow.

Thank you so much for stopping by and let's all join in a sigh of relief that we made it to Friday people!!  I can't wait to relax and spend some time with friends this weekend.  I'm also excited to be trying something new in the form of paddle board yoga.  I guess that's one of the advantages of living in Tampa that there's so many great activities right on the beach.    I have a hard enough time doing tree pose on dry land let alone on a board in the middle of the ocean, but as long as I don't encounter a shark I'm willing to try anything.  I can't wait and will definitely let you guys know how it goes!  Hope you have a great weekend!!

xoxo Nicole 

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