Monday, December 8, 2014


Who doesn’t want bigger, fuller lips?  Well I have been getting more into lip liners lately and have had my eye on the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat lip liners, but at $22.00 a pop I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much.  So when I heard there was a dupe on the market with Rimmel London’s new Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liners I couldn’t wait to try them out.  I picked up two shades, a nice nude called “natural” and a warm rosy pink named “east end snob.”  I am very pleased with these lip liners and couldn’t wait to tell you guys about them.  And the best part, they’re only $5.99 a piece!  But hold on, you know how your girl loves some coupons…So they currently have a promotion going on at Ulta buy one get one 50% off, so I got the two lip liners, threw in a mini hand lotion to bring it to $10 and got all three items for $7!  I am so impressed with these lip liners and there are so many shades in the line making it easy for everyone to find their match.   They are very creamy and glide on the lips, which is one of the most important qualities for me when testing a lip product.  (Tugging at your lip line with a chalky pencil is the worst!)  My favorite thing about this product is the shape of the tip.  It’s thicker than normal liners and the slanted tip makes it very easy to cheat your lip shape and add a little oomph.  This is advertised as working best with your natural lip color thus I would recommend a different lip lining product for a bold lip color.  Also, as creamy as this lip liner is it doesn’t have the best staying power.  It’s better than others I’ve used and will definitely stay for a couple hours, but it’s not on the same level as say the MAC cremestick liners.   So for my final verdict, I would definitely recommend these lip liners.  Although they don’t last as long as some of my other liners they do a great job of creating a fuller look to the lips and evening color and tone. 

rimmel lip liner

What are your favorite lip liners?  Let me know in the comments below and let me know your thoughts if you have tried this product.  I layered the lip liner with a bit of NARS lipgloss in Striptease in the picture above, and if you guys try the shade East End Snob I find it pairs really well with Buxom Full On Lip Polish in Dolly.  If you're interested in purchasing this lip liner online you can click HERE or HEREHope everyone has a great week and work that pout ladies.  xoxo Nicole

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