Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  The holidays are by far my favorite time of year.  The twinkly lights, the music, the yummy cookies, I just can't get enough.  And moving down to Florida this past August from the polar vortex that known as Syracuse, NY, it has definitely been an adjustment gearing up for Christmas in 70 degree heat!

As much as I miss the gorgeous snow and bundling up in cozy scarves and coats, I can't say I miss driving in it. (You feel me, New Yorkers?)   I love Tampa, but lately it has been hard being away from my friends and family and sometimes feeling alone in this tropical climate.  I have been relying on some of my favorite things to do around the holidays to get me in that festive mood this time of year and have included some of my essentials in this post.  My family is flying in from New York today to spend the holidays in Tampa and I can't wait to see everyone.  I hope you enjoy reading this post and that everyone has a very happy holiday!

Christmas Decorations

Holiday season to me means baking, some more baking, and then maybe a little bit more baking.  I love to make sweets and treats for coworkers, neighbors, and friends & family and they make a simple and quick DIY gift.  Today I am making my Mom's delicious Pumpkin Bread with Raisins. Hmmm so delicious.  Now while I'm baking I love to rock out to some Christmas tunes. My two favorites of the moment are the Christmas with the Rat Pack and the Michael Buble Christmas Album. Have you guys heard Michael's rendition of Santa Baby? Ridiculous, but adorable at the same time.  Now that I have expended all that energy baking away it's time for a nice soothing bubble bath. Around the holiday season I love to stock up on the seasonal bath bombs at Lush. The one pictured above smells divine and is called "GoldenWonder."   Ahhh, I can hear the fizz and smell the citrus champagne scent now. Nothing is more calming than a warm soothing bubble bath and while I'm soaking away I love to light a nice candle.  This one is called "Winter"  (real original Bath & Body Works) and is a blend of pine needles, winter citrus and white woods.   

After getting out of a bath I love to the throw on some cozy Pj's and are currently loving the flannel pants from Aerie.  Now it's time to relax and watch a good 'ole classic Christmas movie.  My all-time favorites are Elf, Home Alone 2 and The Santa Clause.  Every year me and my girlfriends have a cookie exchange party and have a tradition of watching The Santa Clause, I could quote that movie for days..."Tinsel, not just for decoration." "We're your worst nightmare.  Elves, with attitude."  And Neil's sweaters?...classic.  Ok, I'm moving on but I 'll admit as a young tween I had the biggest crush on the head elf in that film, sooo embarrassing.  But wait before I throw in the movie I've got to locate my snuggle buddy...Ahh here he is!

The holidays are a great time to have an excuse to go a little overboard with the twinkle lights. As you can see by the picture above, anywhere where I could put twinkle lights they went. And isn't my little tree so cute!  I can't think of a place I'd rather be than snuggled up on the couch with family and friends watching Christmas movies under the glow of twinkle lights.  
And now it's time to make a delicious hot drink. I am always in the mood for hot chocolate and it's so easy and quick to make.  I start by heating about 1 cup of almond milk in a small saucepan and when that is ready I whisk in the hot cocoa mix (I love the Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate,) Once that's ready I pour the mixture into my favorite mug and add some marshmallows and a candy cane for a sugary treat.  I also like to use the candy cane as a stirrer to infuse a touch of peppermint flavor.

hot chocolate

So there are my got to activities for getting me in the holiday spirit.  I hope you all are able to spend your holiday with people you love and thanks for stopping by Brazen Brunette, your support means the world to me.  Merry Christmas to everyone and leave me a comment below letting me know what puts you in a festive mood!

hot chocolate
And look who's coming in to steal a marshmallow...
                                                          And look who's coming in to steal a marshmallow...


  1. This made me so happy and Christmas-y. Really missed you this year but this post is so very you and it made me happy!
    PS is that a hedgehog that Oliver is playing with? Adorrrable.

    1. Haha it is, between that hedgehog and that Santa you gave him he is loving his festive toys at the moment.