Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ok, I know, I know, I’m like six months late to this whole Kylie Jenner lip color thing.  But despite your personal feelings towards the teen it can’t be denied that she has made a major impact on the makeup world with the endless selfies on Instagram and that pouty mouth of hers.  The overdrawn lips and that nudey brown hue…the YouTube tutorials are endless.  I’m telling ya, the 90’s lip color is coming back full force and there's no better time than fall to add a new shade to the lipstick collection.  Not being able to resist hopping on the bandwagon myself  I went out and picked up MAC's cremestick liner in Beurre.  It is a crème lip liner that comes off as a dirty plum with brown undertones if applied heavily, but if applied with a light hand it is that gorgeous nude brown shade of the moment.  I am loving this product.  It stays on all day and it's not over drying on the lips.   Below I included some of my other picks for re-creating the Kylie Jenner lip and a couple tips & tricks to help your lipstick last longer.  Now, Ms. Jenner keeps her lip looks matte and uses a liner to over draw her lips.  My tip is that if you try to over line everything it will look clown like so I suggest lining a bit over the bottom dip of the lips and at the cupids bow, focusing on these two areas.  Try this 1990's lip look out and let me know what you think.  Now if only we could master that Kim K glow….

Mac Cremestick Beurre
MAC Cremestick liner in Beurre.  Swatches and Lip swatches below.

Mac Cremestick Beurre Swatch
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Bare lips

Kylie Jenner Lipstick
Applied with a heavy hand

Kylie Jenner Lip color
Blotted.  This is the shade your lips will stay all day.

Top Five Picks:

1.  MAC cremestick liner in Beurre, as seen above. $16.00 and can be found at any MAC counter. (click here)

      2. Lipstick queen lip liner in natural, $18.00, can be found at most major department stores (click here).

      3. Jacyln Hill 1995- Jacyln Hill for Gerard Cosmetics $19.00 (click here).

      4. MAC Whirl Lip liner $16.00 (click herewith MAC Brave lipstick (click here). Both can be found at any MAC counter. 
      5. Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner in Tiramsu $3.99 (click here), with Nyx lipstick in Whipped Caviar $5.99 (click here).   Both can be found at Ulta Cosmetics and most drugstores.
           Below L to R: Mac Lipstick Brave, Jacyln Hill 1995, NYX lipstick Whipped Caviar

Kylie Jenner Lip color

Kylie Jenner Lip colorKylie Jenner Lip color

Tips & Tricks:

-Exfoliate your lips beforehand.  I personally love the LUSH sugar lip scrubs, but if you don’t have a lip scrub that’s ok.  Just use a dampened wash cloth and rub this over your lips to get off all the dead skin following up with Vaseline or your favorite lip balm.

-Moisturize.  Make sure you apply lip balm or a little Vaseline and let it sink in before applying your lipstick.  This will help the lipstick go on much smoother and keep it from drying out.  A dark lip color on flaky lips is not a good look.

-If you really want to go that extra step I would recommend using a lip liner, especially for any darker color.  Lip liner is a great tool to keep lipstick from feathering and it creates a crisper look.

-To further define the lip line take concealer brush and your favorite concealer and conceal around the lip line covering up any discolorations or redness.  This will really help your lip color pop.

-And lastly take a tissue and blot your lip color, removing any excess.  Then take another tissue, peeling off one ply, and place this over the lips.  Using a powder brush and a translucent powder dust this over the tissue placed on your lips.  This will create a seal on the lipstick and help it last longer. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and leave me a comment below letting me know your favorite lipstick shade for fall! xoxo Nicole


  1. This looks soo much prettier than I thought it would. Will def be trying. Still loving my NARS La Dolce Vita lip gloss at the moment, too!

    1. Yes, love that NARS gloss, such a classic shade!

  2. Your lips are like the perfect shade for swatches! And Beurre is just so lovely.

    1. Thank you Frances! And I agree, I love Beurre it's such a wearable shade.