Friday, November 21, 2014



You enter my apartment and are enticed by a captivating aroma… Am I baking a pie?  Is there a Christmas Tree farm in sight? Oh no, that’s a Bath & Body Works candle.  Topped with festive, snowflake-embossed silver lids and a burning time of approximately 25-45 hours the Bath & Body Works Holiday 2014 collection is here and the scents are divine.  I have tried almost every candle out there from Voluspa to Yankee Candles and I keep coming back to these for several reasons.  First off the scent payoff is like nothing else I’ve experienced.  These suckers will fill up a room and fast, burning consistently and evenly.  Also, they are inexpensive.  Bath & Body Works periodically has their 2 for $22 sale for the three wick candles (which are the ones pictured) and this is a great time to stock up.  They also have a $10 off $30 coupon online which I found on my iPhone and was able to use at checkout.  Thus on my last haul I picked up four three wick candles for $36.38, not bad considering a Jo Malone candle will run you $65.  And the scent selection is great!  They are constantly coming out with new great fragrances and they really thrive in their seasonal launches.  Now for the downside…these don’t have the prettiest packaging.  Most of them have a picture or little design on the front, but I don’t know if I would give these as a gift.  They do sell these little wire candle holders, but c’mon people see right through this and the candle should look nice enough on its own without me having to buy a metal container to keep it in, right?  Also, these burn very quickly.  With my other candles it will take me awhile, if ever to burn through the whole thing, but these burn quick.  I guess that’s the trade off considering the price point.  But below are the candles I just picked up with their scent description from along with a couple of my other favorites.  Happy shopping and enjoy your house/apartment/dwelling smelling magnificent!

Flannel -Wrap yourself in the warmth of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk.” This one smells like a handsome man, enough said. 

Peach Bellini - “A shimmering holiday twist on a classic blend of white peach, tart blackcurrant and a splash of juicy orange.”  I usually don’t go for fruit scents, but this one enticed me.  I can actually smell the fizzies, I don’t how they did this, but it actually smells like a bellini.  Can you think of a better candle to light while getting ready to go out with the girls?

Leaves - “Celebrate the brilliant colors of autumn with a rich blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries.”  This is a classic that they bring back every year.  It is such a great scent and smells like a mix of an apple orchard, thanksgiving, and hot mulled cider.  One of my brothers friends was over and remarked, “Omg it smells amazing in here,” and actually asked me what candle it was.  If a man picks up on the fabulous scent, that's saying something.

Baltic Amber - “Sandalwood, lush suede and jet black spices.”  This is one I was a little disappointed in.  It smelled better in the jar than it did when I actually lit it.  It smells nice, but weaker in fragrance payoff than the others. 

Winter - “Be transported to the mountains with bracing notes of pine needles, winter citrus and white woods.” I love this one.  I don’t know why but Christmasy smells always put me in a great mood and remind me of home.  This one definitely has a balsam scent to it, but is less concentrated than the “fresh balsam” scent they offer.

Marshmallow Fireside - “A sweet end to a long cold day – toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend with the comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods.”  This is the standout.  I saw this candle recommended by youtuber Kathleenlights and I actually wasn’t going to get it because it smelled kinda blah in the jar, but I’m so happy I got it anyways. This candle is amazing.  If you just get one, get this one.  I don’t even know how to describe the fragrance but it’s like a warm fire mixed with men’s cologne, and snow.  I know great description, but trust me get on this.  I’m literally trying to limit myself from burning it, because I'm afraid it's going to run out. 

Some of my other favorites and recommendations are Sparkling Icicles, Fresh Balsam, Pumpkin Cupcake, and Autumn Mums.  What are your favorite candles for this time of year?  And are there any other Bath & Body Works scents I should try?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Winter smells great...what's that one you were always talking about though? Season's Greetings? That one's good. And in my book you can never go wrong with a little Lavender Vanilla.

    1. Ooo I agree, I will have to scoop up a Lavender Vanilla on my next haul. And the one I think you're talking about is called Christmas Wreath by Yankee Candle...just divine.