Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Erin Condren Life Planner

I love a good planner like nobody's business. I am the biggest list maker you will ever meet, I am OCD about organization, and like to plan things out.  Let's just say I went to France with a friend last summer and I typed up a three page detailed itinerary that I emailed and printed out for everybody on the trip....hey love me or hate me but if you're going on vacation you know who to call :)  Anyways, when I heard there was a crème de la crème day planner on the market I couldn't pass it up.  This is the most detailed agenda I have ever owned.  You can purchase this planner amongst other personalized stationery and paper goods at  The basic life planner retails for $50.00, but if you sign-up for e-mails on the website you will get a $10 off coupon e-mailed to you.  There are things I do and don't like about this item, but no one can knock Erin Condren for being incomprehensive.

Erin Condren Life Planner

Here are the features and layout of the planner:
  • 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 yearly calendars
  • Monthly calendar with tabs
  • Weekly spreads divided into morning, day, and night
  • Goals & to-do lists for every week and month
  • Notes section with both lined and plain paper
  • 4 pages of stickers (2 pre-printed, 2 blank)
  • Inspirational quotes throughout
  • Double-sided folder with pocket
  • Zip Pouch
  • Accessories like a ruler, paperclip, labels, etc.
  • meal/exercise/lists/etc. section for highlighted daily notes & activities

-Love that this planner can be personalized with both your name and different colorful backgrounds.  You can also go as far as to create a photo collage with your own photos for your planner cover.
-There is a "goals and notes" column on the left hand side of every week.  I really like this space to write my to-do list for the week and find it very useful.
-Included with the planner is a removal "Perpetual Calendar & Contacts Booklet."  This is such a good idea and a great place to write down go-to addresses, phone numbers, and addresses that you can add to your next planner.
-I love that there is a notes section at the end.  Most agendas don't have a feature like this, and I think it's a nice bonus.
-This planner comes with lots of little extras, such as personalized stickers and package labels.  It is also customizable with the option to buy a standard 12-month planner, or you can add additional months, such as I did and purchase an 18-month planner.

-This beast is bulky.  Granted I ordered 18 instead of 12 months, but still.  It is heavy and takes up a lot of room in my bag.  Adding to this bulkiness since there are so many pages it doesn't lend to a smooth transition trying to switch from month to month or turning pages.
-It's expensive.  You are paying for the extra detail and personalization you get with this agenda.  Nevertheless it's pricey, and there are a lot of great planners out there that are probably 1/5 the cost of this product.
-I find the stickers in the back kind of useless.  There are lots of cute colored stickers, some labeled and some blank, that you can stick on days for a reminder of an appointment or game, etc.  This is a cute idea, but I never find myself using these.  It takes a lot less time to just jot down a reminder while I have a page open then to flip to the back and fill in a sticker.

So in conclusion I think this is a great planner that is very detailed and can be personalized which I think a lot of people will like.  Is it worth $50?  I don't think so.  I do love my planner, don't get me wrong, but there are other great options out there for a fraction of the cost.  And with many people now using their phone or computers for appointments and reminders you may not want to fork over this kind of money for a paper product.  If you love the idea of having a paper planner and writing things down such as I do another great affordable option I have used for years is the New York Public Library Student Planner.  It's small, but does the job and retails for only $9.89.  It can be purchased through Amazon here.  I hope you guys enjoy this review and have the same passion for planning as I do!
Do you guys use a planner?  And what do you think about using a paper scheduler versus using your phone or iPad?


  1. Every year I buy a new planner and vow to use it religiously, and then end up using some combo of my phone, my email, my brain, and my Moleskine mini-notebook to keep track of things. I kind of love that you use the NYPL planner...I'm currently "using" (constantly forgetting about and carrying around with me everywhere anyway) the free planner I got when I started at SU this fall, and all I'm saying is that for the cost of tuition I better get a nice planner out of the deal.

    PS I concur that you are the best person to plan a vacation with.

    1. Haha I agree. With that SU tuition they should be supplying these pricey Erin Condren planners to every student!